Stress and the Luck

Source: Stress and the Luck


Stress and the Luck

Stress and luck has a very strong connection, I think more than you and your’s beloved because when you are stressed out. You start blaming  your luck and the luck gives your  return back, so if you are stressed out then try to check your horoscope with different websites and get the worse one, but don’t let it handle you 😊, come up this habit that I will surely not getting this and do you work. After time sometime you will find that there is nothing like luck and start your work with full confidence.


Stress management




One of the major reasons of stress is comparison, in psychological way it means that you try to compare your imperfections with one’s perfections that’s really a big stressor.

Sometimes we forget that we all have some unique features that sometimes are beneath our heart. If you don’t want to have stress always, you  should work for yourself and first try to make yourself perfect  in your features.

“I can do this is good one, but only I can is the worst one, avoid it”

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